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2D Game Development Journey During COVID 19

by alienfrenZy

9th June, 2020

2D game development in Unity with Spine2D.

I bought the domain yok.ie a few months ago with no idea what I would use it for. I’ve decided to recently try my hand at 2D game development, so I’ve decided to start posting my progress to yok.ie.

I was looking for ways to stay sane during the COVID 19 epidemic and a thought popped up in my head that I had always wanted to do, and that was to create a game.

I got in touch with some lads from college and asked them would they be interested in making a game. I was surprised to find that three of the guys were interested.

We have been learning for a few weeks now everyday. One of the lads suggested a game framework called LibGDX. This is a set of Java classes that help a user to create a game engine. I found LibGDX to be horrible personally. I never really felt like I was being rewarded and having used Unity in the past, this just felt like I was trying to reinvent the wheel.

I eventually convinced the lads to try out Unity. Thankfully, they preferred it too, and after a few days it was decided that we would be going forward with Unity.

We decided to focus on 2D games and so I bought make-your-first-2d-game-with-unity-c-beginner-course on Udemy. I’ve done quite a few Udemy courses and this is by far one of the best courses I have come across. And because it is only 4 hours of video it feels like you have accomplished something in just a short amount of time.

I quickly realized that for 2D games the coding is actually quite easy. The hard part for me is the game art and animation. You could have crazy game mechanics built in with code, but it will look absolutely shit if you don’t have good art and animation to go with it.

Right now I’m learning 2D digital art. My first two attempts to draw game characters are below. They are very rough but I think they are alright for a first/second attempt.

We are also looking at using Spine2D for game animation. I will be updating this blog as I go deeper into 2D game development. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey into game development.

Have a good one!

by alienfrenZy